Assured disinfection.

Medical hygiene solutions for patients and health care professionals.

As a professional laundry, it is crucial to partner up with trustworthy textile care suppliers. W- CENTER has developed into a real expert of the textile care market, providing best detergents and disinfectants.

Optimal prevention in the medical sector

Christeyns offers you a complete range of high performance products for cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces, walls, floors.

Our brand, Christeyns’ health care division, Phagogène helps you keep off the risks of infection or contamination in an increasingly demanding environment. We analyze the activities taking place at your hospital, the patients treated and the type of medical actions performed in order to design a tailor-made medical hygiene solution, improving the performance of your institution.

Phagogène provides you with regular or antiseptic soaps as well as quality hydro alcoholic solutions for hand hygiene. Those products are all designed for very frequent use.  You can also count on us for the disinfection and sterilization of instruments and equipment, an absolute necessity in operating theatres. Of course, these solutions would be meaningless if the work environment itself isn’t hygienic. That is why our wide range of products also includes premium detergents for the bio cleaning of floor and surfaces, air borne disinfection and tap water treatment.

Hospital hygiene

Production hygiene